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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Count your blessings

Some days I feel almost overwhelmed with gratitude. I am sure you also have days when you keep remembering how good others have been, or maybe you are just having a day full of smiles and everything seems to be going your way. Maybe I am especially grateful for these kinds of days as I do not always feel overwhelmed with gratitude. That makes the day special when we can count our blessings and this is something that all of us can do. I find that little things make me feel grateful: the washer and dryer in our garage that allows us to have clean sheets and towels as well as clean clothes.
(After washing everything by hand in Chile in cold water that had to be sort of separated from the mud and was always a funny color in Coquimbo, I really appreciate the fact that I can throw towels and sheets into a washer, push some buttons and end up with them actually looking white!)

Yesterday was a really good day and I am sure today will be, too. I do nothing exciting: go to the gym, then to Mass, home for lunch, get the mail and pass it out, maybe write a few notes or play Words with Friends, swim and exercise in the pool, and then have time for afternoon prayer. We take tuns cooking dinner and then I just spend the time reading. A lovely day and I am so grateful that I am enjoying retirement so much!! But, I was grateful when working, too.

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