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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tomorrow we celebrate the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ

This feast used to be celebrated on Thursday but now we have it on Sunday and in some countries there are beautiful processions to honor the Body and Blood of Christ. The gift Jesus gave us of Himself in the Eucharist is such a tremendous gift; it is also one that we believe but cannot fully understand. It is a gift to be grateful for and to make use of daily, when we are able. I know that Jesus waits for me in the Eucharist. I sometimes go to Mass with little enthusiasm, but once there I feel the presence of the Lord and also feel that I am where I belong. It is hard to put into words and no one probably is as distracted as I usually seem to be at the Eucharist, but still I know that Jesus is there and wants me to come and be with Him.

This Feast is closely connected to the Feast of the Sacred Heart which is the next Friday (used to be the Friday after the octave of the feast). We have just received a beautiful letter from our Mother General to help us prepare for the Feast of the Sacred Heart, but I promised something from Kasper's book on "Mercy" that struck me so here it is  - Kasper is really quoting Augustine here:

"Augustine interpreted the opening of Jesus' Heart in the following was: "There the door to life was opened, from which the sacraments of the church flowed, without which one cannot attain the life that is true living,." 

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