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Monday, June 9, 2014

Taking Time for Prayer

We cannot afford not to pray. We need God! And God wants to be in relationship with each of us. We grow in a relationship only when we spend quality time with each other. I remember years ago speaking about a directee in my peer supervision group who was a Religious but who told me that she was not finding time for prayer in her busy day and was too tired at night. I pushed her to find ways to solve this, suggesting some but being very firm about her need to build some prayer time into her day. She stopped coming to me for Spiritual Direction and I thought perhaps I had been too insisting with her. One of my supervision group immediately said: "It is no use moving the furniture if there is no floor!"

I have never forgotten that as it is so true. Now that we are into summer with longer days and vacation for some, let us take care of our personal prayer life. I am fortunate to have plenty of time for prayer but often find that I am distracted, daydreaming, or just finding it difficult to focus on anything. I turn back to God and feel that He is waiting for me and understands my weakness.

Now, since we are in the octave of Pentecost, I am repeating often, "Come Holy Spirit" and find this very helpful.

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