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Monday, June 2, 2014

What Path Will I Walk this Week?

Every Monday can be exciting if we think we have a whole new week to explore our inner life! I am convinced that having an interior life is much more fun than just a rather humdrum exterior life, at least at my age. I know the schedule I keep and it is very predictable - prayer, breakfast, writing my blog, going to the gym, noon Mass, home for lunch and time to read, swim, pray, and play in the afternoon. (My play is mostly Words with Friends or Scrabble on my I-pad). The only variation I see for these summer days is a break from routine when having someone for spiritual direction or inviting friends over for lunch or dinner or meeting someone for lunch, etc. I am not complaining about this wonderful exterior life but just pointing out that the interior life can be more exciting. Imagine, we have the Blessed Trinity dwelling within us!
God works in mysterious ways so I never know what might happen when I stop to listen, to become aware of His action. He is a God of surprises!

This week has a good friend coming for dinner and then I will be meeting him again on Thursday - I also hope to get back to working on the book I want to write as the summer is a quieter time, perhaps, and maybe I will have the courage to start work again. I think this is one of the inspirations of the Holy Spirit as I did not sit down to write this.

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