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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Eve of Pentecost

"The Holy Spirit works as he wills, when he wills and where he wills; we entrust ourselves without pretending to see striking results. We know only that our commitment is necessary. Let us learn to rest in the tenderness of the arms or the Father amid our creative and generous commitment." This is the quote I wanted from Pope Francis in The Joy of the Gospel. He continues to say that we need trust in the Holy Spirit to keep our missionary fervor alive.

I have felt the inspiration of the Holy Spirit all week and I urge all of us to keep trying to form the habit of invoking the Holy Spirit.
I was reading about how one needs to hear "I love you" from both family and friends and that God needs to hear the same. How often do we consciously state our love for the Holy Spirit? And for God the Father? And for Jesus?

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