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Monday, June 30, 2014

Last day of June

With this last day of June most of my community are home or going away and one is in retreat here and we will be having a guest as well as other visits this week and so it will really seem like vacation here. I suspect it is going to be a busy week and it will be fun to celebrate the 4th of July- we will have hot dogs and we can see fireworks from our house.

Now, I have not said anything that lends itself to spiritual reflection unless you want to connect, as I do, vacation time with the rest God wants all to have. Remember the Sabbath is not only to honor God but to keep people healthy - mentally, spiritually, and physically. Everyone needs rest. Scripture makes a point of telling us how God rested after creating the world. I also think of the land lying fallow in the jubilee year. We are always rushing around and some people do not even get to take two weeks of vacation. In Chile, I never thought of such a thing as vacation so it is not something that I was used to having and, now that I am retired, some would think I am always having vacation...I do remember my Dad always took a week at Christmas and then had another week or two in the summer and it was spent doing things as a family. He planned things that his children would enjoy. Later, he went to Scout camp with my brothers when he was old enough to be a grandfather.

Vacation is a gift and we must use it well. Mine is almost always a few days before and after my retreat so that the retreat time is the focus. Still, this year there is all of July with others free to enjoy some of the delights of July in Miami. Hot outside, but great for swimming. Less traffic is also a joy.

Sorry I am not being at all spiritual today but vacation does mean extra time for God.

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