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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just Show Up1

What is the most important thing to remember about your prayer life? Just show up! God is waiting for you and will take over if you give Him the opportunity. Why is it so hard to just show up for our time with God? I guess we all have different reasons to be tempted to miss time for prayer: we need to sleep, the workmen are coming early so no time for prayer; or I need to get this in the mail today or, for busy mothers, the children need me now, etc. We have many reasons to give ourselves for lack of time for prayer, but we all have twenty-four hours every day; we have all the time there is! We just need to prioritize - the most important thing is just to show up and prayer takes place because God and you meet for this time together and then all the rest of the day goes well.

In Chile I once lived with a Sister who had a temper; she made a holy hour every night. One of the community was critical of this saying that it had not improved her temper, but who knows what she would have done when angry if she did not have that hour of prayer each night. And I wonder how many times she was able to keep her temper because she had that hour of prayer.

I am praying for so many who are in retreat this week after Pentecost.

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