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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

This Feast honors two of the greatest Church leaders and Apostles. Paul claimed that he was an apostle of Jesus to the Gentiles - all who were not Jews, while Peter concentrated on converting the Jews to believe in Christ and follow Him. Both were faithful to death; the love of Christ made them both great missionaries. I suspect this icon was inspired by the love both had for Jesus, but these men were great souls in spite of many differences.

I think that we live in community with people of different backgrounds, tastes, preferences, etc. but the love of Christ unites us. That is why I love to have community prayer. When we take time to be together with Jesus, a bond is formed among us and that love has a ripple effect when we go out to others. May we know and love Jesus even as Peter and Paul did and so give our lives for love.

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