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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our world is good

Sometimes, especially after reading the morning newspaper, I feel so helpless with all the evil that seems to be around in our world. People killing one another, children being mistreated, fathers being deported and leaving families behind, or the elderly being left alone, etc. Yet God made the world and is present in it and there is so much goodness around us, if we have eyes to see it. I think that asking the Holy Spirit to show us the goodness in all is one of the ways to prepare this week for Pentecost.

At the gym this morning, I was struck again by the joy of one of the members in my Exercise Class. She is Asian and always beaming and spreads joy just by entering the gym. I told her so and she said that she responds to the joy she sees in me - that made my day!
Joy is contagious and the Pope says it is the mark of a Christian.
Let us be overwhelmed by Paschal Joy today and everyday!

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