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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Experience Joy

This little girl is experiencing joy in the present moment. Are you?
What do we need to do to experience joy? I think this is worth some reflection as we are meant to live in joy, to experience joy, to be able to express the joy we are experiencing in our hearts.
When I was in retreat, I copied the words of a song by one of my favorite mystics, Mechtild of Magdeburg:
"Come, Lord, love me deeply, love me often and long,
Come, Lord, love me often and long,
Come, Lord, love me deeply, sing to me your lover's song.
For the more often You love me the purer I become and the more deeply You love me, the more beautiful I am,
And the longer You love me, the holier I'll be.
Yes, I'll love you deeply, I'll love you often,
I'll love you long, I will love you deeply,
As I sing my lover's song. O yes, I'll love you deeply, for this is my desire. Yes, I'll love you often. I can be no other way.
And I'll love you, love you long, For I am the Eternal One. "
Knowing God loves me is the best experience of joy!                                                                           

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