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Monday, February 29, 2016

"Take up your cross and follow Me"

We are asked to enter into the Passion of Our Lord during Lent. Often we are admonished to take up our cross and follow Jesus. We want to be with Him and Lent is a time when we enter into what Jesus suffered for us. Many make the stations of the Cross and meditate on each station. But what does it mean to "take up your cross"?

The first thing that comes to mind is that we all have crosses, sufferings to bear; some are very small, others are huge. The point to remember is that each one has her or his own cross to bear. Mother Stuart tells us:
"Take up your cross...the cross is different for each one, so we often make the mistake of thinking that we could bear any other better than our own. But our own is the only one we can bear, whether it be our character, our duty, or some suffering. It is the cross that God has portioned out to us, and we must carry it gladly, without hesitation, enthusiastically, even as He did.
And, He carried both His and ours."

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