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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Third Sunday of Lent

Moses went to see a burning bush and found God. He was standing on Holy Ground! When God answers his question with, "I am Who Am", I wonder what Moses thought. Perhaps He was just so awed and overwhelmed, that he did not think but only adored.

Jesus wants us to find Him in new ways during this Lent. He waits to reveal Himself in the daily events; He comes to us and wants us to realize His presence. We find Him always in the Eucharist, but He is also in the person we greet at breakfast, in the crazy driver that cuts in front of us, in the woman ahead of us in the check-out line who cannot find her coupons, in the baby that is crying and the children running around, etc.

I do not need to look for Jesus; He is here. Let us adore and know that we are on holy ground this Lent.

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