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Monday, February 22, 2016

Give Joy

It takes so little to give joy to others. Children show their joy, but we all know that we give joy to others in many ways each day. Examine what gives you joy and then go and give joy to others. When I get an e-mail from a friend, I feel joy even before I read it as I love hearing from my friends. That is why I still write notes as I have some friends that prefer notes to e-mails. I also send e-mails.
I enjoy thinking of what may give joy to others and then try to give it. Now that I am retired, I think more about giving joy to Jesus; He gives us such joy!

Mother Stuart said, "The quality of our joy depends on the spring from which it is drawn. Where do we seek our joy"

And how do we give it to others?

Mother Stuart also said, "Take people as they are and think of making them happy, not whether they make you happy."

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