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Monday, February 1, 2016

Joy must be a daily choice

Here is a quote on the cover of the book, Joy, written and compiled by M.H. Clark and designed by Jessica Phoenix. This book was published by Compendium in 2011.

"Joy is your birthright."
When was the last time your heart was lifted by a wave of pure happiness? When you felt so delighted by an unexpected little miracle that you couldn't stop yourself from smiling? When you found time in a busy day to give joy to someone else?

It's been said that the days are long but the years are short. We fill our days with obligations and appointments, and reserve joy for special occasions, holidays, weekends, and stolen moments.

If we want joy to be the story of our years, joy must be the story of our days. Joy must be a daily choice, a habit, a promise we make to ourselves. Joy must be the way we travel.

So give yourself the gift of joy, and pass it on to others. If you make room for joy in your heart and in your day, you'll find that joy is a magnet for more joy. Invite just a little into your life, and see how quickly that little grows.

This is on the cover and is from Sarah Ban Breathnach.  After this, I will use my own reflections on each different call given in this book. There is a quotation given for each call, but no reflection so it lends itself to personal journaling on each call.

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