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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Finding Joy

In my guided imagery retreat, I had a mermaid appear out of the ocean and beacon to me. Without any hesitation, I swam out and followed the mermaid who led me deep down into the ocean. I had no trouble breathing or swimming down to the bottom of the ocean and all the creatures of the sea thankfully gave me a wide path in which to swim behind my mermaid. She was leading me to a lovely home prepared for me in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. I met Jesus there. It was an experience of joy; the imagination is one way God speaks to us and this was a retreat full of joy. I found joy in praising God in that retreat. When we praise God, we are united with all the angels and saints in heaven who are always praising God. I find joy also in just sitting in the Presence of Jesus in prayer.

How are you experiencing joy in your life?

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