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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Be close to Jesus

Pope Francis has said " What is important is to find the way best suited for you to be with the Lord, and this everyone can do; it is possible for every state of life. Now each one of you could ask, how am I experiencing "being" with Jesus? This is a question I leave you: How do I experience this remaining with Jesus, abiding in Jesus? Do I find time to remain in his presence, in silence to be looked upon by him? Do I let his fire warm my heart? If the warmth of God, of his love, of his tenderness, is not in our own hearts, then how can we, who are poor sinners, warm the hearts of others? Think about it!"

I think that the above which is a continuation of the first point in the Pope's homily to the participants at the International Congress on Catechesis given in September of 2013, is a program of all of us. Tomorrow I will continue with his second point, but let us find time to sit with Jesus and let Him love us today.

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