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Saturday, October 29, 2016

The solitude of His Heart

Yesterday I shared some of what has inspired my own spirituality. I want to continue to quote from the Letter of R. Mother de Lescure.

"A deed, a word, a gesture, a movement, and attitude of Jesus in the Gospel, ...all may lead us into the solitude of His Heart, where the riches and interior dispositions of His Heart are found."
We are to ask St. Madeleine Sophie to teach us, as she knows how, to persevere in prayer, offered for this revelation of which we are not worthy, seeking and desiring in suppliant prayer the little light which will flash, perhaps from the depths of the abyss." 
She asks us to be resolute in our desire not to leave Him alone, and to share, in some small measure, in the solitude of His Heart.

This call to people the solitude of His Heart resonates with me and it is something I try to do. I really believe that in prayer we can beg to go deep into His Heart; that we are called to do this and then to go out to give His Love to others. We also find the pierced Heart of Christ in the suffering that we find all around us in our world today. He is there and waiting for us to find ways to comfort and console those who are suffering. We have the corporal and spiritual works of Mercy and it is up to each of us to discern in prayer what the Lord is asking of us to do now. We may not be able to carry out some of the works of Mercy, but we can always pray and often there is someone near that needs us.

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