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Sunday, October 2, 2016

What qualities does Jesus want us to have?

Today's Gospel tells us about the servant that was able to do all that was expected of him. He was loyal and trustworthy and wanted to do all that his master expected of him. Here is a bit of a commentary that is interesting:

"The neologism that I propose (“due-nothing” servant) reflects the pun-oriented sense of humor that Jesus exhibited (in Aramaic) on many occasions. While this servant clearly is not a “do-nothing” person, it is also clear that a servant is “due nothing” for services rendered.
Jesus’ demands of forgiveness, loyalty, and the surrendering of an entitlement mentality still challenge his American disciples."

John J. Pilch

Different parts of the Gospels show us different qualities that we need to be disciples, but we often forget that we are servants and therefore nothing is due to us.

We need to remember the angels today as it is also their feast.

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