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Monday, October 10, 2016

Only one returned

If I had been among the ten lepers cured by Jesus, would I have been the one who returned to give glory to God? How often do I forget to go back and thank Jesus? And how often am I grateful, but forget to go back and thank the person who is so thoughtful?
Gratitude is something that makes us more human, more appreciative of what is done for us. I think we feel gratitude but do not always take the time and trouble to say thank you. I guess I am realizing more and more that all is gift and sometimes one feels such gratitude and joy, but also feels inadequate to thank the very ones who are making me feel this way. Of course, we can easily turn to Jesus and sometimes I just ask Jesus to thank for me. Reflecting on yesterday's Gospel has made me realize that I am sometimes not the one who has returned to give thanks.

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