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Saturday, October 8, 2016


In a talk to Jesuit students the Pope spoke about the main element at school, following what St. Ignatius teaches us, is to learn to be magnanimous. "Magnanimity: this virtue of the great and the small, which always makes us look at the horizon. What does being magnanimous mean? It means having a great heart, having greatness of mind; it means having ideals, the wish to do great things in response to what God asks of us. It also means to do well the routine...daily actions, tasks, meeting with people--doing the little every day thins with a great heart open to God and to others."

I guess we all need to cultivate magnanimity. Am I seeking the greater good? Or do I settle for just doing enough to feel comfortable but not going the extra mile? Jesus wants us to cultivate this virtue. 

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