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Friday, October 28, 2016

Immersed in Love

I have again been using the Circular Letter to the Society of the Sacred Heart written by R. Mother de Lescure in November 1949. I entered in June of 1950 and this letter has influenced my spirituality. I am drawn to it and would like to share a bit of it with you. She told us that the Society of the Sacred Heart was preparing to celebrate its 150 anniversary on November 21, 1950; we were also doing this in a Holy Year. We were asked to deepen our love of our foundress, St. Madeleine Sophie by studying her letters, conferences, circulars, and all that she has left us of herself that reveals the special grace of our vocation. We also were asked to spend some time each day with her..."for the grace of the vocation that her fidelity merited for us...for the grace of graces of being consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to His work of Love."
The name of our Society is a special grace. It was first of all a "Mutual and real experience of ownership" between the Society and Our Lord." Then, it gives us the "right to enter and dwell" in His Heart. Our name would be "a title to entrance, not to the threshold but to the very depths of this divine Heart." The name of the Society of the Sacred Heart is also a contract. "It is a is the Heart of Jesus that we must give to souls; we must make Him known and loved by all who come in contact with us."
That is enough to reflect on today. But I love the idea of entering and dwelling in His Heart and being called to go to the very depths of His Heart.

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