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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Eucharistics memories

My preparation for my First Holy Communion was during first grade at the Academy of the Visitation. Those of us who were preparing to receive both First Communion and Confirmation on the same day from Archbishop Glennon {later a Cardinal but he also had been my Dad's tennis partner when both were younger), were taken to a special room with a large chart with pictures of what were thought to be the most important stories for us to know. These same pictures were in a book that we were given and there were gold stars around the pictures in my book as I was absolutely fascinated by all we were learning and could tell the stories and answers all the questions, thus earning all those gold stars! I think I fell in love with Jesus during that year of preparation. I wish I could say that the moment of my First Communion was life-changing. The truth is that I remember that I had the responsibility to lead the class into the Chapel. Since I have seen pictures of my First Communion dress and veil and even of the gifts given to me at breakfast after Mass before returning to the Chapel for the Sacrament of Confirmation, it was too much for a six year old to take in and I just remember being very happy. All my relatives seem to have been present for the ceremony.
I do not have a great memory about our participation in Masses at school but do know that I liked to steal into the Chapel when my Dad dropped me off very early in the morning on his way to work.
That was a habit that stayed with me, quick visits at the back of the Chapel or Church.
To be continued, perhaps, but do think about your own Eucharistic history.

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