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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mater's Feast

What a wonderful feast for all alumni of the Sacred Heart all over the world. Mater was our own image of Mary as a young girl who became our confident, our helper, our recourse in all out troubles, our protector, and advocate. Her image has been in every Sacred Heart convent and school certainly since the mid 1800s - a school would not be complete without a statue or picture of Mater placed in a prominent place - some schools have special Chapels dedicated to Mater.
The children still have the tradition of wearing pink on her feast and we always had a special pink snack in the afternoon. I suspect that many of our schools still do that.
My months caring for the little Chapel of Mater at the Trinita dei Monti in Rome have remained a special grace in my life. I have her picture in front of me as I write this blog and I am wondering what I can do for her that will be special on her feast.

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