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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What do you think?

This is from Pam's musings:


When I have watched a  person
throw a lump of clay on a wheel
and begin to form a cup, a bowl-
this question surfaces:

Why in life situations does
the outside of something become
more important than the inside?
or we are more concerned that
others  see the outer side.

Outside/inside,it's one thing! side is not the whole thing.
we can hide one side or discover
it as part of the whole- just another
view or angle, but  both sides
make it what it is.

I copied this today as I continue to mull over the newfound fascination with the interior life over the exterior life. I think that as we grow older, the interior life becomes much more exciting, more important, and opens up endless possibilities as we are talking about life with the Trinity - the indwelling of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in each of us!

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