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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Put Christ at the Center of our life

The second point of the Pope in the address to the International Congress on Catechesis was about "imitating Jesus and leaving ourselves behind and going out to encounter others." The Poe said that this is a beautiful experience, and yet a paradox. Why? "Because when we put Christ at the center of our life, we ourselves don't become the center! The more you united yourself to Christ and he becomes the center of your life, the more he leads you out  of yourself, leads you from making yourself the center and opens you to others. This is the true dynamism of love; this is the movement of God himself! God is the center, but he is always self-gift, relationship, love that gives itself away... and this is what we will become if we remain united to Christ. He will draw us into this dynamism of love. Where there is true life in Christ, there follows openness to others, and so a going out from oneself to encounter others in the name of Christ.

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