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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mapping our Interior Life

Having spent a very fruitful time going back over my own Eucharistic history, from my First Holy Communion until the present, I want to share me next project that is rather connected in the sense that I am going back over my interior life. I wrote about my exterior life several years ago. It was helpful and I was able to include some family pictures and then some important events. I had never thought about mapping my interior life, but I am attempting it now. I suggest you try it, too.
I have been saying that as we age, the interior life is more exciting than our exterior life. Now, I am going to try to recall all the most amazing graces that happen interiorly and I am starting by a sort of "Mapping" the interior journey by reflecting on the sign posts that have marked my life. Then, I will go back and fill in as I believe I will see a pattern and maybe a division of chapters when I try to write it up. Will I share it? Probably only with a few, at least at first. However, I am inviting each of you to do the same. Al least take some time to go over the moments when you are aware of your interior life with Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit.

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