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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday Joys

I love Tuesdays! I have my Third Graders for reading; today I have my boys who are delightful and who also read very well and, when I ask them questions, you can see them think! Then, every morning I go to read to one of our Sisters in Spanish. She is from Colombia and has recently broken her wrist so we read in her room. We sat in the patio in the summer. I love reading aloud in Spanish and these are Meditations on the Gospel of John by Jose Pagola. He is the same author that wrote "Jesus, An Historical Approximation" which I raved about three years ago and have tried to have all my Sisters and friends read.
Then, at 2:00 I have a small Centering Prayer and Faith-Sharing group where we also prepare the next Sunday's Gospel. This is like the one I loved that met weekly at the University when I was in Miami. I think everyone needs to have a small group where there is a trust level that makes it easy to share our experience of God.
Actually, there are so many little joys in our days here, but Tuesday seems special and seems to be more contemplative as I do not go to Physical Therapy, we do not have reunion so there is more time to pray in the Chapel, and someone cleans our rooms in Westwood on Tuesdays.

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