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Friday, October 21, 2016

Prayer to Mater Admirabilis

We recited this prayer yesterday at the Liturgy and I thought I would copy it here for you as it is one that I love. It is adapted from the Circular of R. Mother de Lescure, 1949.

Mater Admirabilis, precious jewel of the Society,
virginal guardian keeping watch at the threshold of the sanctuary,
treasure of calm and serenity, flowing into acti9vity from the
Source without ever exhausting or troubling it . . .
we come to you under the pressure of over-activity which at times consumes and disturbs us, or scatters our energies here and there in doing what is visible and accidental...
Virgin of the invisible and the Essential...
we beg you to detach and free us from all that is passing,
lead us to fix our gaze upon the Invisible which your eyes behold:
the Invisible Presence, the Invisible Life, the Invisible Action, the Invisible Love: eternal values, the great realities of our faith.

Keep us, throughout our busy and over-crowded days,
in the radiance of things not seen, "firm as if we beheld the Invisible."
In the midst of non-essentials which entice us and carry us away,
we run the risk of weighing down our souls and confusing our values. Give us a right understanding of the Essential and a hunger for it! One thing alone is necessary: the will of God and the work of His Love to which we are consecrated.
Whatever God will to mark with His seal. no matter it's size,
importance or worth in human eyes, there is the essential;
there, in full activity, is the strength, fruitfulness, and deep happiness flowing from God's action, life and love.

Mother most Admirable, teach us this wisdom...

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