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Friday, September 15, 2017

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

I have had devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows because of the devotion St. Madeleine Sophie had to Our Lady under this title. I prefer to think of Our Lady of Joy and love a statue I saw in the Cathedral in Barcelona on the first break-day of my thirty day retreat in Manresa. I came across her as I wandered around looking at the different statues. Our Lady is smiling and holding the Infant Jesus. I may not remember this accurately but the Infant was sort of standing on Mary's lap and laughing. Jesus must have been about a year old. It gave me joy to see them.
When I have had moments of suffering, then I turn to Mary under this title, Mother of Sorrows. She certainly understands what it is to watch a loved one suffer. She comes to console us when we need her.
I hope this feast is a consoling one for so many suffering from the hurricanes. I know what it is like to live in Miami after a hurricane with no power and no water.  No power also means no stoplights, no cooking if only electrical appliances, which may mean no coffee for those who really need that drink - I do not drink coffee but remember that some of my community were lost without their morning coffee after one of the hurricanes. Let us give this day to Mary and pray for all those who are suffering loss throughout our world. 

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