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Friday, September 1, 2017

Filll us with your love, O Lord...

 This is a recent picture of Medjugorje - in contrast to yesterday's picture. Amazing changes there!

Sometimes my prayer time is spent with one line of the daily readings that just seems to jump out at me and stay in my head. When this happens, I am grateful and try to keep it in mind all day.
Yesterday it was the responsorial psalm's refrain:
"Fill us with your love, O Lord, and we will sing for joy!"

I am singing for joy most of the time here at Oakwood. Once in a while I find myself wanting to change someone and realize that I am the one who must change. We had a good homily the other day on hypocrisy. Sometimes I feel that I am a hypocrite, but that realization helps one to feel humble. At least it seems to make me feel humble. I only want to please Jesus and give joy to Jesus and to others, but that is easy to say and a bit more difficult to live day in and day out. However, I have so much to be grateful for that I am singing for joy! Grateful people are happy people.
The floods and other tragic events are to be taken to prayer, but then we continue to live with joy in our hearts because God is in charge and I just confide all to him. Pray and trust God to take care of His world!
The time after a hurricane or storm that has caused flooding, made transportation almost impossible, knocked out power and cut off water or, even where there is water, it is not safe to drink, is a time of great suffering. It is hot and humid; houses are full of mud and many are living in large shelters with only a cot to call home. It is a time to remember all who are going through a terrible experience, but our prayer and support will help them. 

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