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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sept. 17 On Forgiveness

The Gospel for this Sunday is all about forgiving. God forgives us always; there is no counting of the times that He forgives us for, sometimes, the same sin or failing. We only need to go and ask pardon and Jesus reaches out to us and forgives us with love. We are called to do the same.
I am sorry that I seem to have fallen behind with my blog; I really thought that I had scheduled up until Sunday and it seems that I had not done so. 
Because September is a busy month with new beginnings, let us pause today to breathe deeply; inhale, exhale, setting aside your list of things to do; breathe deeply and slowly, opening your heart. Now, breathing in, breathing out, let peace flow into you. Breathe deeply and slowly, opening your whole being. Then, breathing in and out, let peace go forth to the world. 

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