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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Still Enjoying Memories

Before I give this book over to Oakwood, I need to thank Jane Cannon for really giving us a "Legacy of Love and Learning." I have enjoyed the book immensely. Before returning to my blogs on St. Philippine Duchesne, I want to share with you the words of the ASH School Song which brings back so many memories:

Where the yellow old Missouri flows its waters toward the sea
Stands a home our hearts shall cherish through the years--
A home where sunny laughter combines most merrily
To make a gorgeous rainbow with our tears.

CHORUS: Academy, we love you, we crown you with laurels.
Dear old Academy! Dear old St. Charles!

And over all is brooding a peace that will abide,
For we tread the hallowed ground that saints have trod.
We are proud of Alma Mater- Alma Mater true and tried.
We're spoiled and happy children of our God.  

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