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Monday, September 25, 2017

Re-opening of Free School in 1828

The dedication of the stone church built by the Jesuits was on October 12, 1828. Philippine stayed for the Confirmation ceremony the next day and then left Lucile with Mary Ann at St. Charles to repair the house and open the free school. She gave her $4 which was all the money the treasury had. Lucile and Mary Ann had to be carpenters, painters, masons, but were able to begin the free school by October 24th. By December they had sixteen children.
The nuns wrote back to France saying: "We have been for some time the object of real curiosity, not only to the people of St. Charles, but to those of all the surrounding districts, who come in crowds to look at us. And one lady, amongst others, after having looked us up and down with much care, said in a very pleased way, 'But they are just like other people!'"

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