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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hymn to Mater

Let angels hush their songs of holy praise
Quiet the throbbing strings of heaven's harps!
Earth still the striving of its numbered days,
While we with heav'n-caught echoes hail thy name:
Mater, Mater Admirabilis!

Thy robe is fashioned of the rose of dawn;
Thou are the dawn whence endless day shall spring.
Ah, who the lily at thy side can see,
When near it smiles the Lily of the King?
Mater, Mater Admirabilis!

Thy down dropt lids from passing gaze conceal
What paradise of prayer thy soul hath trod.
Oh, let the sweet curve of those lips reveal
All that thy heart foreshadows of thy God:
Mater, Mater Admirabilis!

I remember mostly singing this at Maryville and seem to remember hearing that Mother Callan had written it. I only remembered the first verses so perhaps that is what we sang often. 

The book has a great quote from Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ which ends saying: "God gave song, to give heart and courage and joy in life."

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