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Thursday, September 14, 2017

She set sail with four companions

Finally, in 1818, Philippine set sail for America with her four companions: Sisters Catherine Lamarre, Marguerite Manteau, Octavie Berthold, and Eugenie Aude. The trip took more than two months and was often rough and stormy. By May 29 they reached land and by morning were able to go by carriage to the convent of the Ursulines in New Orleans. The Ursulines had been in the city since 1727 and were so welcoming and showed such generosity to us not only then but for years they still were sending gifts to our nuns.
After six weeks the missionaries embarked again on the trip up the Mississippi. This trip took them forty days (I have driven it in a day!) but nineteen hours were spent waiting to get off a sand bar! They arrived in St. Louis on August 22. Having grown up in St. Louis, I can imagine the heat. They were given hospitality by General Bernard Pratte. St. Louis was to have been their destination but the Bishop told them that there were no houses available and he had found one to rent in St. Charles.
And so the little band had to go twenty-five miles further and cross the Missouri river to find their new home.

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