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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Some contact with the Indians

Philippine resided at Florissant from 1819 until 1827 when she founded the City House in St. Louis. She left Lucile Mathevon in charge of Florissant; Lucile was only 9 years professed in the Society but she had been in Grenoble with Philippine, had the same desire to go to the Indians, and was thrilled when the Jesuits came to Florissant and some had some Indian boys and the Jesuit Superior brought them little Indian girls. However, the tribes had to move on to find food by hunting and the Indians were reluctant to leave their children behind so the school was of short duration. 
The Jesuits were building a stone church in St. Charles and had asked Philippine to return and open a school there as soon as it was finished. They had bought the property and the original house where Philippine had started in 1818 and gave it to her. She agreed to return in time for the dedication of the Church.

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