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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Foundation of Grand Coteau

In 1821 another foundation was made in Grand Coteau, Louisiana as a widow desired to give us land and a house. Mother Duchesne sent Eugenie Aude there with Mary Layton who was still a novice. Fortunately, in 1822 Mother Xavier Murphy and Lucile Mathevon arrived from France. Xavier was sent directly to Grand Coteau and Lucile went up the Mississippi to Florissant. After she arrived, Mother Duchesne had Lucile take her classes and she left with one of the Pratte children to visit the new foundation. They arrived in two weeks time and it was a joy for all as vacation was just beginning and the community could spend time with Philippine. The return trip took over two months. The captain and the first mate both died the first day out with yellow fever. Philippine also had the fever and had to disembark and take refuge in the house of a parishioner whose wife had died recently. When Philippine was well and could travel, they finished the journey by cart.
Here is a picture of Grand Coteau after we had built there.
It is the oldest school of the Sacred Heart in continuous existence. 

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