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Monday, October 8, 2018

Columbus Day

School as usual here this year. I think that is because the high school has some advanced placement exams scheduled and the entire school seems to keep the same calendar. I am not sure what we will be doing to make it a special day, but we are to have a great celebration on the 10th when another of ours has her 100th birthday celebration. She is very alert and I eat breakfast with her at 7:30 every morning. She will have many friends coming for this celebration so we may not be doing much on to celebrate Columbus Day. We will have a birthday dinner postponed because yesterday was a silent day; we also have reunion together in the afternoon.

I am preparing the retreat for my spirituality group tomorrow at Villa Maria del Mar. I think, since we will be praying next to the ocean, I may have something of Philippine's journey to America 200 years ago, but I suspect I will have the Gospel scene of Jesus sleeping in the boat even amid the storm which terrified the disciples. It is good to remember that Jesus can stop the storm whenever He wants to do so.

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