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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Feast of Mater

Happy Feast!
I love Mother de Lescure's prayer to Mater and so will copy it here as a way to celebrate her feast this year.

Mother most admirable, guardian of our interior life,
we ask you to loosen our grasp on visible things and help us to see the invisible which your eyes behold: the invisible life, the invisible action, the invisible love, all those realities of faith that are for us eternal values. When we get lost in the devouring activity of the visible and often not so important things, 
keep us in the light of the unseen and make us strong as though we beheld the invisible. Above and beyond accessory trifles that concern us and carry us away, that burden our minds and hearts and distort our scale of values, give us, we ask you, a hunger and thirst for the essential: the wish of the Lord and the work of His love to which He has called each of us. Amen.

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