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Friday, October 5, 2018

First Friday of October

Today, the Children of Mary come for Mass and a talk; I agreed to open this year with an introduction to Gaudete et Exsultate covering the first Chapter and motivating them, I hope to continue as they will be given the printed copies to read for future months.
If you are a reader of my blog, you have been taken all through the Pope's wonderful exhortation on holiness written for every Christain. You can always go back to it in the archives of this blog. I did skip some of the references the Holy Father used, but I underlined always what I though most important. I am really surprised that we have not heard more about this great document - not a homily here has even mentioned it (unless I missed it), and it has not been much talked about in these past six months since it appeared. I urge all to read it and it can even be found online. 
I am giving a short overview of the Exhortation and then will be Pope Francis and explain the call to holiness in his own words. I guess I should wear white on Friday!

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