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Friday, October 19, 2018

Regional Meetings begin tonight

Our country is so beautiful! But we must do something about our climate change. I have been looking at the destruction that the latest hurricane cause in Florida and then all the way over and up so that many people are suffering and even more are without electricity. And nature seems to be taking its toll on many spots in our world - it is trying to tell us to take care of our planet.

Tonight our entire Province begins regional meetings. Here, we are most of the region but will be having RSCJ arrive from San Diego, Seattle, Mexico, as well as those closer to us: Redwood City, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Palo Alto, and San Carlos.
The topic for the entire Province is racism. We are trying to make amends now for the fact that before the Civil War our houses in Missouri and Louisiana depended on slaves. That is one thing; even more important is the fact that many of us may still have notions of our white race being superior to the Indians, the Blacks, the Asians, and the Spanish. May this week end help us all to love one another and get rid of prejudice of any kind.

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