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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Living water, shiny pebbles

There is something about a waterfall that calls me to prayer.
It makes me think of the living water that flows from the Heart of Christ.
I may have shared this little poem with you before but I copy it here because it was recently sent to me and I am looking for the shiny pebbles in my own day and hope you will be inspired to do the same.

Shiny Pebbles
The road of life is not a highway smoothly paved,
But more a path of soil and stone and rough rude rocks
along the way, and pebbles - countless pebbles.

We walk along that road each day, hard and easy miles,
wanting to keep tears away, searching for smiles.
And they are there for us to find and plain enough to see;
pebbles - shiny pebbles they are amidst the soil and 
stone and rocks - abundant and free.

Shiny pebbles along the way, good and better and best.
Pluck them up and keep them near,
recount aloud one each day.
Hold fast its meaning, its being dear.

Jerry Breger 

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