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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Eve of All Saints

Since we had our Halloween Party last Saturday so the staff could bring their children, I am thinking of the Communion of Saints today. All the saints are up there or somewhere, and looking with love on us. I really have devotion to thinking of this part of the Church Triumphant now that I have had some experience of the Presence of All the Saints in my life. One time, I actually felt that they were all above me at Mass in our Chapel here at Oakwood. A few years ago, when I was so ill at Oakwood, I had all of them in my room with my parents right by the bed. So, this Halloween is being spent with all my friends in heaven.
Tomorrow, after the Mass, I was going on an outing that includes a boat ride and then lunch across the San Francisco Bay, I think. Anyway, the Life Enrichment Director knows that whenever we do something near the ocean, I want to go and she signed me up for this. However, instead of the ocean, I will be having a SPECT Myocardial Perfusion Imaging. I have never had this but think it is to visualize coronary blood distribution to the heart and is done with an IV in two doses. I guess I will have all the Saints watching over me during this procedure. 

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