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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Run with your friends to visit Christ...

This is from Chiara Lubich's Essential Writings and worth reflecting on as she was the founder of the Focolare movement.
"If you want to win over a city to the love of Christ,
if you want to transform a town into the kingdom of God,
first make your plans. Gather round you friends who share your feelings. Unite yourself with them in the name of Christ and ask them to put God before anything else. Then make a pact with them: promise one another constant and perpetual love, so the Conqueror of the world may be always among you and be your leader; that when your ego has been destroyed in love, your every step may be sustained, your every tear be dried, by the Mother of Fair Love...

Then look for the poorest, the destitute, the forsaken, the orphans, the prisoners. Without pause in your action run with your friends to visit Christ in them, to comfort them, to reveal to them that the love of God is close to them and watches over them...."

This reflection is taken from "Give us this Day, for Oct. 4 - I did not copy the last lines.

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