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Monday, October 29, 2018

Playing Philippine before 400 people

Yesterday I was the adult Philippine Duchesne in a play given at the beginning of the school's family Mass. I had the closing scene which was to portray Philippine among her beloved Indians and as "the woman who prays always." I rewrote the script, learned it by heart, and included the prayer, "Jesus, I live in Thee; I labor for Thee; I desire only Thee. Thou in me, I in Thee; Thou with me, I with Thee. Thee all mine, I all Thine."
I then had to remain motionless in prayer while the Indians planted leaves all over me. After a short time, they return saying it has been hours and I have not moved and so they give me the name of the "woman who prays always". This was the call to worship and the Mass began immediately as I returned to my place. I think I felt so close to Philippine and realized more how she felt when she was finally with her beloved Indians but unable to learn their language.

Just before this, I had the ten of us who live in Westwood win a prize at the Halloween Party. I had us dress in black pants and white tops and had made signs for the ten Oakwoodian commandments. We marched in and lined up with our signs showing only a number. We had thunder in the background and then I announce that God had given ten commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai for all of us, but Oakwood has another ten commandments. Then, one by one, we revealed the Oakwoodian Commandments with thunder in between each. I intend to post them today on the dining room door.

Let us pray to get our the vote for November 6 and pray that all vote for the common good.

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