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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Am I in touch with my desires?

The 34 week retreat of the complete Exercises of St. Ignatius is over and left us thinking about the importance of our desires. I opened a little booklet of Extracts from the Writings of Mother Stuart on Our Blessed Lady and found something to share with you today. She said, "Insight into spiritual things is in proportion to our desires, God hears not only our formal prayers, but also our unuttered desires. As they are satisfied, they grow.....
Apply that to Our Lady, to ourselves, to this life and to the next. The more we desire and attain, the more we shall attain. That is why our life is so immense. So simple outside, so almost matter-of-fact.
So with Our Lady, her life was ordinary; she, like everyone around her, did her spinning, household work, and had her home cares--yet the inner life was growing glorious, immense, without limit, for there is no limit to that which God will give to a soul that desires and wants it."

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