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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sixth Sunday after Easter

The weeks seem to be going by very quickly even with our sheltering in place. Ascension Thursday is this week, but now it is usually celebrated on the next Sunday. And, to make things more confusing, the readings for next Sunday could be used this Sunday.

I am going to be concentrating on these forty days after Easter where Jesus seems to have enjoyed going around and giving His Joy to others. I think He is still doing the same for us. We must be attentive to not miss the way He comes to us.

I have found the letters from the students and also from the faculty very uplifting. The students say they write "to cheer us up" or "to boost your spirits" and it is amazing but that is what happens when they reach out to us. Our Life Enrichment Director who cannot be with us because not considered essential for our health care, made individual packs of cookies for us last week end. She had to bake several batches to feed all of us. It is the little things that give joy. My brother calls me every Sunday now in the morning when he knows I am usually in my room. (I only give out my phone to my sister and brother, the nurse's station, and the front desk has it, but I really prefer email even if I have captions on my phone!).

Not a very spiritual blog today, but I am praying for the entire world and especially those who are dying alone.

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