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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Fourth Sunday after Easter

I love the reading for this Sunday, but will start with the Collect as my own experience says that we often are not aware of the grace we are asking for in each Mass. It is short but powerful:
"Almighty ever-living God, lead us to a share in the joys of heaven, so that the humble flock may reach where the brave Shepherd has gone before..."

The responsorial Psalm is "The Lord is my Shepherd; there is nothing I shall want." Then follow Psalm 23 where we can think again of the Lord guiding us in right paths. leading us besides restful waters, giving us courage, and following  with goodness and kindness all the days of my life.

The Gospel has Jesus telling us that He is the gate for the sheep. "Whoever enters through me will be saved...I came so they might have life and have it more abundantly."

We will be looking at Jesus' first "I am" statement in John's Gospel where Jesus says He is the "gate" - the way the sheep enter the sheepfold. Then we will see this week that Jesus also tells us that He is the Good Shepherd.

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