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Saturday, May 16, 2020

God speaks to us in many ways

Take time today to see some of the ways God speaks to you. 
I was going to just send that one line today, but I did receive a poem that I will copy for those who love to pray with poems: 
                THE ROSARY In the doorway of a low grey house, built of stones as old as the Crusades, a woman of Bruges sits in the sunlight, among the flowers, saying her Rosary.

She seems to be carved out of season walnut and polished smooth by the constant touch of the hand of God, and the beads that twine her crippled fingers are scarlet berries on the thorny twigs.

The running rhythm and the repetition of the Paters and the Aves is like the rhythm that in nature moves through the seasons from seed to harvest with the unity and the pause and stress of music; like the bloodstream of Christ, that flows through the seasons from Advent to Easter in the Liturgy of the Church, the ebb and flow of the tide of love in the Mystical Body of Christ. Caryll Houselander                                                      

O Lady of Fatima, hail Immaculate Mother of grace O pray for us, help us today Thou hope of the human race.

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