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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Are we conscious that we live in the Presence of God?

Mother Stuart says this about the interior life of Mary:

"Thinking of Our Lady's interior life, it is difficult to put it to ourselves in an other form that that she lived in the presence of God. That was the atmosphere that surrounded everything she did, every word she uttered and her every thought."

I am convinced that the interior life of each of us here at Oakwood is much more interesting than our exterior life. We just need to learn how to share what is so real and so energizing. 

I have been praying and reflecting a great deal on the questions we have to discern about for our Provincial Chapter.  In one sense it is difficult because we are being asked to envision what the Society will be doing, where we will be, etc. in fifteen years from now. I will not be around to see what I am trying to plan for now. Do join me in prayer for our provincial Chapter which begins July 9.

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